Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the Vancouver Island Autistic Homes Society is to:

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    Enable persons with autism and other challenging disabilities to live independently of their families as individuals in their own homes
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    Assist persons to develop their potential
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    Assist persons to lead fulfilling and productive lives


VIAH’s vision is to create a culture where people are acknowledged and seen for who
they are, and their contributes are celebrated.

We believe this vision can best be achieved in environments which:

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Address individual needs
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Meet the need for genuine enjoyment of life
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Support development of individual potential
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Celebrate and encourage
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Parallel community living standards
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Involve the community
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Provide systematic training in life and leisure skills
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Do not use aversive modes of behaviour management
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Provide for collaborative
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Use public funding effectively, economically and efficiently
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Respect the need for effectiveness, economy and efficiency
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Practice accountability based on accreditation standards


VIAH's family and advocate driven board reflects the Society's values, and its positive
approach to engagement, inclusion, and individualized programs.

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    A person-centred approach
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    Self determination
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    Individual rights and dignity
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    Community inclusion
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    Personal growth, respect, joy, truth, honesty, humility, integrity, caring, compassion, generosity, and kindness.
Tax-deductible donations can be made to support the
Society’s work by sending donations to
Vancouver Island Autistic Homes Society
23, 211-2840 Peatt Rd

Langford, BC V9B 3V4

Please enclose your name and address so a receipt can be mailed to you.
VIAH is registered charity # BN 108167123RR0001
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